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Get the “LED Vantage” with Econo-Lite’s LED jewelry lighting solutions. Developed specifically for diamonds and jewelry, this new LED lighting solution will help you grab your customer’s attention and close more sales.




















  • Our new showcase LED lighting (LED “Vantage”) is available with our patented spring-loaded technology that makes installation simple and easy
  • Our showcase LED features a wire-free component design that joins each LED strip in such a way that a repair (if ever needed) becomes so easy that you can do it yourself.
  • Each section of our showcase LED strips contains its own regulator and processor–a sort of mini engine– that keep each diode running at the same color and power so that the entire strip has uniform light
  • We have also “jumped” our showcase LED diodes, which means that if one diode goes out, the rest of the diodes (lights) remain nice and bright.
  • Our advanced wireless design also permit each section of the LED strip to remain lit if one of the other sections goes out.
  • We use only the highest quality LED diodes that are specially binned for us.  This means that there will not be a variation in the color of the LED strips that is often seen in other showcase LED fixtures that produce unnatural color tones.
  • Our showcase LED’s produce a crisp white light that is free of unnatural tones.
  • Our showcase LED diodes deliver 100 lumens per watt for just the right amount of light power.
  • Each showcase LED fixture is custom made at no extra charge to fit perfectly inside of any showcase, any style.

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